We started running TAB boards in Northern Virginia in 2010. Our original motivation for starting the TAB business was that over our corporate careers and during the process of building our predecessor consulting firm in 2000, we had an epiphany which is the foundation of our business model today.  It was simply that a majority of businesses had command over their products or services, but still struggled to surface, memorialize and leverage unique insights regarding their operations, markets and external stake-holders, all of which would help to differentiate their companies from the competition.

The magic of the TAB Boards populated by business owners and CEO’s of non-competing businesses is that, collectively, those critical insights are uncovered leveraging the abundant experience and different perspectives of fellow business owners.

After running boards since 2010, we have been constantly reminded of the value that the Peer Advisory Boards provide to our members, and are amazed at the continued insights uncovered which propel our member’s businesses to the levels desired by the business owners.

We currently run four local boards with 30+ members in the Northern Virginia area and continue to see our membership grow.  Our members include Consulting Firms, CPA Firms, Government Contractors, Video Production Firms, IT Services Firms, Engineering and Construction Firms, Architecture Firms, Health Care, Handyman and Cleaning Services, as well as Marketing Firms, Our board members have a combined 600+ years experience running businesses. They have bonded with each other at a very profound level and have derived tremendous value from being part of a TAB Board.

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