Want to know where your company stands in comparison to others in your industry? This financial benchmark looks at six areas of your business including liquidity, sales, profits & profit margins, borrowing, assets and employees. It compares up to 5 different time periods to track your progress with tips to help you improve your financial standing. Reports customized for your business include:

  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Audit Risk Assessment
  • Private Company Industry Data
  • Business Projections

The Alternative Board has partnered with ProfitCents® which allows you to benchmark your company against others of the same size in the same or similar industries in North America. By comparing dozens of financial ratios you measure your company’s performance against the “best in class” for your industry. Beyond performance benchmarking, ProfitCents® also increases visibility into cost and profitability trends in a specific industry and helps identify how a company’s financial structure differs from the industry as a whole.

ProfitCents reports solve specific problems based upon your needs and converts hard-to-understand financial numbers into plain language to demystify financial information so you can better manage your business.