The Noise Reduction System™

As a business owner, do you often find yourself:

  • Staying so busy doing everything that you don’t have time to do what you do best and enjoy the most?
  • Checking up on details of the business so you can be sure about what is going on?
  • Having low trust that things will be accomplished on time and to your standards?
  • Feeling anxiety and doubt about the future of your business?
  • Feeling that you are the only one in the business who is losing sleep at night?

The majority of business owners and executives reach a point where they are so overwhelmed with things (noise) that keep them from doing what they do best that they end up being non-productive. Typically theyspend less than 20% of their time doing what brings the greatest value to the organization.

Training and grooming your direct reports is essential to “making the noise go away” and helping you build lasting value in your business. This 10-month Noise Reduction System™ program provides your direct report(s) with strategies and tools to ensure that their decisions are based on your vision for the company, that their communication with you is more effective, and that they reduce your “noise” so you can do what you do best.

Using the strategies and tools, they will learn:

  • Upward communication strategies to take things off your mind so you don’t need to worry,
  • Innovation implementation strategies,
  • Client management techniques,
  • The power of values and applying them in the business,
  • Proactive culture management,
  • Decision making strategies to make better decisions the first time,
  • Performance management techniques to get more productivity and better results from employees,
  • How to avoid repeating mistakes in the company,
  • How to reinterpret your messages to connect with employees.

Larry Linne, President of LGL Business Solutions, Partner in Intellectual Innovations, and author of “Make the Noise Go Away” is the creator of The Noise Reduction System™. From pro football player to industry leading sales manager to published author, his ideas have been implemented in businesses of all classifications, including small businesses and Fortune 100 companies. Using the “noise reduction” principles allows him to spend over 70% of his time doing what he is passionate about.