Imagine a tool so reliable that you could eliminate most of the mistakes made when hiring salespeople and never again be fooled by an individual’s charming personality, “perfect track record” or exaggerated resume. You won’t have to wait six months to a year to learn whether your next candidate will succeed in your difficult business. Our Sales Candidate Assessment provides easy, instant access to the same accurate, insightful results that thousands of successful companies rely upon to choose winning salespeople.

The Alternative Board has partnered with OMG to provide sales candidate assessments for organizations. The TAB Sales Assessment has been acclaimed as a top sales assessment tool and continues to pioneer the sales assessment industry by providing crucial insights to maximize sales performance in companies of all sizes and from all industries.

The TAB Sales Assessment is based on the assessment tools developed by Dave Kurlan which are used by more than 8,500 companies and on 500,000 salespeople. Why do the top sales development experts in the world choose to use our assessments for their valued clients? Our sales assessment goes wider and deeper than anyone else and all of our findings are sales specific, not adapted for sales.

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